VICTUS® features live-action, real-time Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography (2S OCT), for high quality visualization during image-guided procedural planning and intra-operative monitoring.

The Swept-Source OCT provides a clear, detailed view of the surgical field in real-time throughout the entire procedure.

Real-time Enhanced Visualization

See the entire surgical field any time—and in real time— as it changes and evolves during the procedure.


By automatically recognizing key landmarks including the pupil, lens, anterior and posterior capsules, and more, VICTUS® facilitates fast and precise centering, and incision adjustments for efficient work flow.

Guided Visual Adjustment

This technology allows the surgeon to confidently move through the docking, planning, and treatment phases of a wide array of cataract, LASIK flap and corneal procedures.

The Victus device at WLEI features the most advanced Swept-Source OCT technology available on any femtosecond laser, boasting a first-in-Canada upgraded unit recently launched by Technolas Perfect Vision and Bausch + Lomb.

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