All of the Laser Ottawa Vision Experts diagnostic instruments provide rich data and information about your eyes and are essential to achieve the best possible outcomes for your procedure. Our state-of-the-art centre is equipped with only the best.

Carefully curated and handpicked by our surgeons, each instrument is considered the “Gold Standard” in its field to ensure a comfortable experience for our patients while providing thorough information for planning and executing your procedure to the highest standard.


iTRACE™ Wavefront Aberrometer and CT

The iTrace™ allows the surgeons to "see what the patient sees" by providing a total quality of vision assessment. This novel device offers highly accurate information by identifying the origin of aberrations (i.e., cornea or lens). This provides a better understanding of the patient’s vision and the structures affecting it therefore increasing the confidence for your custom treatment plan.


LENSTAR LS900® with Tcone Optical Biometer and keratometer

The LENSTAR LS 900® provides highly accurate laser optic measurements for every section of the eye (from the cornea to the retina). These measurements are critical for the selection of the correct IOL power to achieve superior refractive outcomes in cataract surgery. The LENSTAR LS 900® offers the best technology in IOL calculations and provides surgeons with the utmost confidence as the optimal planning platform for toric and premium IOLs.


Topcon Maestro 2 Optical Coherence Tomography and Fundus Camera

A proper retinal evaluation pre-surgery is imperative to prevent any visual surprises post-surgery. An optical coherence tomography (OCT) scan will lead to greater patient outcomes by providing high-resolution images of the retina. The Maestro2 OCT + Fundus Camera system automatically performs alignment, focus and capture with a single touch. The resulting reports enable comprehensive analysis of the macula, optic disc and anterior segment for our patients.


iDESIGN® Refractive Studio

This technology was the first FDA-approved, fully automated, non-contact method of alignment and registration for your customized iDesign ™ treatment. The iDesign uses wavefront aberrometry to create a customized mapping of your cornea. This very sophisticated data develops a personalized treatment plan unique to your eyes. At the same time, the iDesign captures an imprint of your iris and registers it on the laser so that your treatment is placed exactly where it needs to be.

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